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The Sacred Himalayas is a company based in Rishikesh India, providing right information and service in the connected field offering great service and discount rates; we have been in the trade since 1996 .At Sacred Himalayas we have specialized in tailor made tours for individuals, families and small groups to Garhwal Himalaya and Kumaon Himalayas.

Our team has a lot of passion for Himalayas trekking and we personally do all the camps before we sell them. Safety is the other thing we give a lot of importance to and think that fun without proper safety is not worth. All team members are highly qualified , have led The Sacred Himalayas rafting, sailing, wild life safaris, and other special interest tours in different parts of the country. Therefore are aware of current developments in the trade.

Our experience and trained staff will be with you during your trip. We consider that an adventure travel outfit is only as good as its guides. Good equipment, food and guides is what makes an outdoor journey an experience to savour.

Come and travel around Indian Himalaya with a company whose roots are from Himalaya and can make your trekking tour to Indian Himalayas an unforgettable one.

We forever try to make sure that our clients receive the most ideal and efficient service, guaranteeing you speedy reply to your enquiries and fast confirmation of your booking request.

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